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Highway of Dreams

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Date:                      11/30/99
(RA-Song):             "Box Car"
Artist:                        Pamela Ruby Russell
Title:             Highway of Dreams...   

Boxcar begins with simple drums, in haphazard train rhythm, then a touch of electric guitar. The whole song reminds me of a hobo in a boxcar singing to herself as the world passes by. A person who's seen a lot of the world, good and much bad, but with a little hope for tomorrow. 

“nothing for nothing / that's the way of the road / give it all you've got / such a heavy load”. 

The CD booklet is nice, showing Pamela at various stages and places in her life. Like a little travelogue with shots of different countries, the road of dreams.

I can't quite place what “Live Baby” reminds me of. I want to say a track off a Paul McCartney album from the 70s, but I can't tell you exactly which. The chords and chorus of 'live baby let's live baby / live baby for today' is dead on his style, in more of the country/folk vein, and is quite catchy in a slow beat.

Pamela wrote all the words and music on the CD, and that's quite a feat because there's some pretty stuff lurking around. And she's got a LOT of good people helping. Jeez, must've cost a couple quid to produce this thing. Take “Make You Cry” which has nearly an orchestra behind the sad tune, and I do like the way Pamela clones her voice to produce an almost crying chorus as she makes her way out the door.

I would say this cd is for the folk or easy listening crowd. Older listeners will delight to the Spanish ballad, “Tengo Razon”, delivered with love and humor.

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